F E A T U R E D  A R T I S T

D E C E M B E R  2 0 1 8

B R I S T O L  G I R L  B O S S E S 

A reluctantly festive Christmas gift Pop-Up within BLAZE, featuring handmade products by all eight members of the Bristol Girl Bosses collective:


Yay Rae Flay - laser cut jewellery and accessories.
Hello Cleo - handmade printed textiles and fashion.
Fiona Clabon - print and collage based illustrations and gifts.
Corinne Evans - silver and copper jewellery.
Sky Siouki - fine art prints and homeware.
Jessica Baldry - paper-cut illustrations, prints and gifts.
Warmlii - traditional, organic Swiss cherry stone pillows.
Stephanie Male - digital art illustrations and gifts.

O C T O B E R  /  N O V E M B E R  2 0 1 8

R O S I E  M c L A Y 

Rosie's work is easy to recognise; intricate yet playful, Da Vinci-esq studies for the morbidly curious. Motivated by the fragility of mortality, both in human, animal, plant and environment the artist see's her role in her practice is to educate herself, and us, through the process of drawing and conversation. A majority of her works are copper plate etchings, a traditional printmaking process which allows for incredibly sensitive line work with a voice of history.


You may have met Rosie around Bristol either at the new art space she manages, Estate of the Arts, or at the Art Fairs and Shops she co-ordinates and exhibits in such as the Bristol Bazaar. After a busy few years establishing her new printmaking studio, travelling around India and USA, she is preparing for a new creative chapter, one where she can not only take advantage of her 130 year old etching press, but also the space to be able to experiment with larger scale sculptural works and installations.


S E P T E M B E R   2 0 1 8

S O P H I E  F I L O M E N A

"Sophie Filomena is a local designer living in Bristol who has a love for punchy bold colours and experimental design. 

She currently freelances as a Graphic Designer and has a side hustle creating bespoke wearable art, Inspired by the Memphis Milano cultural phenomenon of the 80s. With a flair for making a statement, her work is made to empower and evoke feelings of confidence that let you take on the world! 


As well as working away in her studio, she co-curates EQUINOX Exhibitions, which feature a global network of up and coming talent from around the world.

These happen twice a year and are very exciting indeed! In her spare time, she runs jewellery making workshops and takes on a few illustration commissions from time to time." 


J U L Y / A U G U S T   2 0 1 8

Y A Y  R A E  F L A Y

"Rae is a Designer/Maker of quirky laser cut jewellery and lifestyle products. Her work is inspired by contemporary pop culture, crazy cat ladies and feminism.

Since Rae acquired her own laser cutter, her work has developed to incorporate a wider range of materials and more complex designs, so you can look forward to lots of new pieces launching over the summer.

As well as working on her own designs, Rae also provides laser cutting services for other indie businesses. Some of her recent projects have included signage, display units, custom buttons, cake stands and film props.

Rae's favourite piece to make, is her first ever Yay Rae Flay product, the Jammie Dodger brooch."




L O C A L 



84 Colston St. Bristol Bs1 5bb

0117 904 7067

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